Repair and Restoration: When well-loved jewelry needs to be repaired or restored weigh your choices carefully.  To me, mending what is broken or replacing missing parts is careful, thoughtful work.  My goal is always to preserve all the work that is good, repair or restore what is missing or broken and ensure the new work blends seamlessly with the original.  This includes re-creating the appropriate surfaces and patinas if necessary so the new work is indistinguishable from the original.

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Renovation: Jewelry is meant to be worn, loved and enjoyed.  As happens often throughout the years, we tire of the style or are gifted or inherit a piece that for one reason or another doesn’t reflect our taste or needs to be altered to enable us to wear it appropriately.  We can either choose to conserve the piece to ensure its collectability or antique value, or renovate it creating something new and lovely.  As much as I enjoy creating jewelry from my imagination, I love taking a piece of estate jewelry and creating something new with a hint of the old that speaks to a client’s heart. Your family jewels have been passed down through generations carrying with it stories and family history.  I can help you preserve your treasure in its current form or give it new life and a new story for the next generations. Whether you have jewelry that needs careful repair and restoration or have an item you would like renovated so that you can enjoy it in a different form, you can trust your treasured jewels to me.